About Dr. Fee

I'm a professor at Washington & Jefferson College, where I teach the mobile development, web production, and digital media courses. My research revolves around computing education and mobile development. My development work focuses on mobile apps and web design - typically of archaeological content since that's another content area of expertise. I am also a practicing digital artist, working primarily with conservation photography and landscapes. You can access just about everything I have online through this web site or any of the links connecting here. If you have questions about anything, just drop me a note. I'm quite good about responding to email promptly.

About this Web Site

Since I teach web development annually, I use this site as an ongoing testbed for new markup as also to give myself some content to work with regularly. This current iteration of the site has been written to conform to the HTML5 spec.

The entire site was hand-coded (which is how I teach web development to students), and every effort was made to avoid imagery aside from the the ones on the side (if your browser width is high enough). I'm not making a argument against using images, I just did it to see how much I could avoid using them. This is a responsive site, which means it should work well on any device. I also implemented the approach of graceful degredation - essentially degigning for the desktop first and moving toward a mobile design. In retrospect, I would have been better off starting with a mobile design and adding to it. Ethan Marcotte told me as much, and I should have listened.

PS: Get the second edition of Marcotte's book - it's great, even if it means I need to re-code this site.