About Dr. Fee

Dr. Fee teaches most of the digital media courses at W&J, but a couple are also taught by others. For instance, Patrick Schmidt also teaches CIS/Art 425 (Graphic Design studio) every other offering. For information regarding Patrick, you’ll need to check with him; but there’s a lot of information about Dr. Fee available online:

Personal Web Site: primarily an example of simple web site development for students, this is Dr. Fee’s “old-fashioned” web site.

Photography: Dr. Fee is a practicing digital artist. You can view collections of his current work at his collection of online photography galleries.

Weblog: it’s true, Dr. Fee still runs a weblog. Follow this link to join all three regular readers of Arranged Delirium(est. 2002). Arranged Delirium was retired in 2016 after fourteen years of commentary!

Any information you’d like to find regarding a CV, publication record, a list of presentations, grants received, etc. can all be found on Dr. Fee’s web site.

And if you want to know even more about Dr. Fee, you can find him on  or . But you’ll likely get better results by just emailing him…