CIS 380

CIS 380: Mobile Application Design & Development – provides students with the opportunity to develop applications for mobile devices including cell phones and tablet computers. Specifically, students will study the interface design and programming development of mobile apps. In this course students will learn how to develop applications that will run on any mobile device, regardless of OS platform.

As a student in this course, you will develop a firm understanding of mobile application design and development. You will also come to grasp the more advanced concepts of web application development. In addition, you will begin to think critically upon how mobile devices impact our culture, and where the future of computing – and mobile devices in particular – is heading.

Students must complete CIS 275 (web design and development) or CIS 297 (Javascript) prior to enrolling in CIS 380. This course is typically offered every other Spring Term.

Resources for CIS 380:
SP16 Syllabus
Reading #1: Web vs. Native Development
Reading #2: HTML5 vs Native
Reading #3: ACM queue Article
Reading #4: Hybrid HTML5 Apps
Tutorial: Rounded Edges in Photoshop
Generic CSS for Basic Mobile
Reading #5: Getting Started with jQuery
Reading #6: jQuery Tutorial for Beginners
Reading #7: How jQuery Works
Reading #8: A Tale of Two Viewports
Reading #9: How To Use CSS3 Media Queries
Reading #10: Guide to PNG Image Format
Reading #11: Current Usability Research
Reading #12: Client-Side Storage

Texts and Reference:
iOS: A visual History
Dive into HTML5
HTML5 Doctor
Making Forms Fabulous with HTML5
Button Javascript
960 Grid System for jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile Docs for Layout Grids
Using localStorage with jQuery Mobile
HTML5 Web SQL Example
Quick Javascript Intro

Review Materials for HTML and CSS:
W3C’s Web Standards Curriculum
Mozilla’s CSS Tutorial (focus on Part I)