CIS/ART 425: Graphic Design Studio – provides opportunities for students to work in a studio setting to develop advanced digital imagery, print production materials, and web interfaces (among other media types). Students in this course will need to devote significant time to working both in class and in the lab during the term. Each week’s work will constitute approximately 10 hours of project development time on the computer in addition to regularly scheduled class meetings.

As a student in this course, you will be exposed to advanced techniques of graphic and web design. You will also learn to critique designs effectively – and discuss intelligently – the primary design elements of various work. In addition, students will explore how to design more advanced print products, graphic elements, and web interfaces.

Students must complete CIS 271 (digital media) and CIS 361 (visual communication) prior to enrolling in CIS 425. This course is typically offered every other Spring term.

Students seeking to complete the Graphic Design Concentration must also complete Art 108 (2-D and 3-D Design) and Art 112 (Beginning Drawing).