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Graphic Design students have to make logos. Almost all designers end up doing it eventually, and it’s a painful process for many. Logos are not easy – anyone who tells you otherwise is gifted or lying. But even if it’s not your strong suit, there are a number of good resources that you can find online to help you work through the problem.

First, take a look at The ultimate guide to logo design: 30 expert tips. It’s not ultimate, but it is handy.

Keep in mind your client, and your audience – and remember that their needs/wants are not identical. You’ll need to navigate the turbulence between them to be successful. Generate the list of concepts you want to communicate visually and then sketch it out. Don’t hop on the computer immediately or you will become bogged down in implementation detail.

Remember too, that when you get stuck you can look at other logos to prompt you with new ideas. Logo Moose and Logo Gala are mentioned in the article above, but you’ll find many more resources with a quick Google search. You are looking for ideas – don’t get bogged down in unnecessary critique!

Finally, if you really need a helping hand, consider the flowchart by Johnson Banks. It will give you a nice break, if nothing else…

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