Rock Art

My work as an archaeologist has given me many opportunities to see the world, both past and present, from different perspectives. Archaeology has such broad appeal – and one thing that everyone relates to is that idea of connecting to the past. These images reflect that: from distant, hard-to-reach sites or simply from locales that are less well known. These photos were collected from sites throughout the Europe, Mexico, and the United States.

My Suburban Nighmare

This show considers the suburban landscape, and also questions our preconceived notions of the suburban lifestyle. A critical approach to a consideration of what life in the suburbs means to different people forms the basis of this collection.

Modern Archaeology

A collection of structures in decay. This work reflects back on the viewer the impressions left behind on the landscape when we move on to new things. Some of these images are from what we might consider “ghost towns” or communities in the state of becoming such. Other images come from revealed history such as structures exposed by the lowering of Lake Mead.

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